National Research University (Moscow Power Engineering Institute)


Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) is one of the main technical universities in Russia in the field of Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Radio Engineering and Electronics, Informatics and Computer Science, founded in 1930.

The area of modern power engineering includes actually power engineering (hydropower, wind power, thermal, nuclear, solar and space power, etc.), electrical equipment, sciences about materials, electronics, classical and applied physics, radio engineering and communication, computer systems, management and economics in power engineering. All these spheres and other directions of the special training are available in MPEI for foreign undergraduate and graduate students.


MPEI has been training engineers and scientists for foreign countries since 1946. At present about 900 foreign students from 60 countries are trained at MPEI.

Since 1995 training of both Bachelor and Master foreign students on the specialty “Informatics and Computer Engineering” is organized in English medium.

Why You Should Choose MPEI

MPEI students have a chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities of Russia according to numerous rankings and surveys. For 85 years of history MPEI has trained a huge number of the qualified engineers, prominent scientists who were standing at the origins of many technical achievements, in particular, of laser creation.

At MPEI the Nobel Prize winners A.D. Sakharov and P.A. Cherenkov worked in different periods. In the 20th century in the Special Design Bureau of MPEI, which possesses its own Center of Deep Space Communication, radio images of the Venus surface and a reverse side of the Moon were obtained for the first time.

Among the most famous graduates of MPEI there are the ex-Chairman of the State Council of China Li Peng and the ex-President of Romania Ion Iliescu, Ministers of Engineering and heads of the engineering companies of many countries of the world.

MPEI partners in science and education include about 140 foreign universities, and such well-known companies like ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, EPRI, Skoda, Samsung and others.

Your Future

Getting unique training in any chosen field, MPEI graduates never have problems with subsequent employment and realize themselves in any chosen sphere.


  • on a contract basis;
  • Grants for foreign citizens' training. To get such grant, foreign citizens have to apply to their national Ministries of Education;
  • MPEI has a possibility to receive students with a scholarship of Russian Ministry of Education on competitive basis

Tuition fee and other expenses

  • about 3500 USD per year.
  • accommodation in MPEI hostel – about 100 USD per month. - medical insurance – 220 USD per year.



Krasnokazarmennaya, 14,
111250 Moscow, Moskva, Russia

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