Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy - Graduate School of Corporate Management


The Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation was established in 1977 and has since become a leading educational and research center in Russia the area of public policy. ANE delivers business and educational programs and trains civil servants, entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and lawyers. ANE’s teaching excellence manifested itself through the successes of over its 100,000 graduates. Among the Academy’s graduates are presidents of the Newly Independent States in the post-soviet area, prime ministers and ministers, famous financiers and leaders of the Russia industrial sector.

Home to future leaders in the public and business sectors in Russia and abroad, today the Academy constitutes a multi-tier research and educational complex that realizes a continuous education model whose framework incorporates higher education and postgraduate training, as well as tailored professional training.

The Academy’s structure has evolved over time to incorporate 15 departments, 3 research institutes, regional branches, as well and multiple research and training centers. ANE’s faculty is formed by prominent Russian academics representing the riches of research interests and rainbow of the most advanced tuition methodologies.

ANE holds membership with several international business education associations, including IAU, AACSB, AMBA, CEEMAN, among others.

This school offers programs in:
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  • Russian

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This school also offers:


Dba Doctor Of Business Administration

Campus Part time 4 years September 2018 Russia Moscow

Doctor of Business Administration - the highest professional degree is intended for policymakers and senior management level, with a serious [+]

DBA Doctor of Business Administration

Program for those who are ahead of time! Program for business leaders? Doctor of Business Administration - the highest professional degree is intended for policymakers and senior management level, with a serious experience. Competitive advantage in the DBA program VSHKU


DBA program is a step in business education that follows a higher education, professional training, MBA programs, according toThe will of people who are interested in continuing professional and intellectual growth, to deepen their knowledge and to specify with the professional and business interests.


The innovative character

DBA program is unique in the Russian market of educational services, it became the first.Rich experience RANH in business education and highly professional lecturers of the Academy let her take the lead and a leader in the conduct of such a program.... [-]

Dba Doctor Of Business Administration For Teachers

Campus Part time 3 years September 2018 Russia Moscow

Listener program may be the prevailing teacher, a specialist in the field of business education, which proved to be a serious [+]

DBA Doctor of Business Administration for teachers


In light of the general concept of RANHiGS important element of higher business education, socio-economic and humanitarian education should be the development of competencies andssledovatelskoy activity of the faculty and administrative staff of the Joint Academy.


Real step in this direction could be a specialized program for the Doctor of Business Administration faculty and staff offices RANHiGS and teachers of other business schools, acquisition-oriented theoreticalcal and practical knowledge, as well as applied research in business disciplines, to develop and implement new curricula.

Education program meets national and international standards with substantive, methodological and technological foundations of modern business education and is based on international experience in the field of training and development of PPPs.... [-]