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HKU History

Hasan Kalyoncu University of different religions, languages, races, cultures, and civilizations are blended in Gaziantep, a major crossroads of the historic Silk Road, started a new life as a college-oriented in terms of “education, research, and innovation”.

The first training year Engineering and Architecture Faculty and Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences in the Faculty of three sections started at our university; 2011-2012 academic year, two new faculty departments were added to those faculties and started to receive students for the Faculty of Law and Health Sciences School.

It aims to give its graduates accepting differences as richness, investigating, questioning, due to the law and democratic values in the world that takes place in the competitive market. aims to give graduates. Sacrifices all possible opportunities to Produce scientific knowledge to be shared with the public, discussed and find a solution fort he problems.


A World Class University with a Vision for the Future

Hasan Kalyoncu University envisions confident, research-minded and entrepreneurial graduates who, determined to uphold the moral values and virtues of civilization, are well qualified for the challenges of their respective industries.

Hasan Kalyoncu University believes in the universality of science and aims to be a higher-learning institution of great respect and renown. The University is ready and prepared to train its future graduates for a highly competitive world, in which boundaries no longer exist.


Our Quality Policy

We aim to train future generations of excellence who will contribute to the socio-economic development of both the region and the country.

Why Should I Choose HKU?

Open to The World

Globalization has created the necessity for university students to know about different countries, cultures, and universities. At Hasan Kalyoncu University we provide some excellent cross-cultural opportunities for our students, such as:

  • Helping students to study some part of the English preparatory program abroad.
  • Participating in Erasmus exchange programs to complete a part of their education in the universities of European Union countries.
  • Sharing the same campus with lecturers and students from different cultures.
  • Arranging reciprocal visits with universities from all over the world.

Together We are Stronger!

In accord with the European Union strategy regarding the formation of knowledge-based societies, we continue to build close, active, and lasting relationships with the business world. For this purpose, we design our departmental syllabi to meet the demands of today's dynamic and complex economies.

We have courses which bring together lecturers, managers and experts in the business world, and which promote relations between our university and the worlds of commerce and industry. Indeed, "Together we are stronger!"

Always Supporting You

HKÜ CASE(Centre For Academic Support and Employability)

Hasan Kalyoncu University established the “Centre for Academic Support and Employability” in order to provide you with effective career planning strategies and employment opportunities.

Always Higher

As part of our graduate programs in the Institutes of Social and Natural Sciences, we have been offering both Masters and Ph.D. programs.

Multidirectional Development

The Double Major Program of Hasan Kalyoncu University enables students to have double degrees. For instance, whilst studying economics a student may also take courses in business management, potentially graduating with degrees in both Economics and Business Management. The Minor Program on the other hand, allows students to enroll in courses from different departments, thereby increasing their knowledge in their desired fields.

For A Healthy Life

Staff and students are able to benefit from a range of on-site sporting opportunities, both in their spare time and through organized activities. Participation is encouraged as a valuable contribution to our physical health and mental well being.

Our campus currently possesses a synthetic football pitch, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, and table tennis facilities. Further planned developments include a sports hall, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, and a golf course. Upon completion of the proposed gym will feature; step and aerobics classes, gymnastics, squash, an artificial climbing wall, personal gym, cafeteria, shops, and massage and sauna rooms.

It is also envisaged that sports development courses, in all the above facilities, will be held for the students and staff.



Hasan Kalyoncu University
27100 Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey

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