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The University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor is one of the world’s finest institutions of legal education. Housed in the Cook Quadrangle on the University of Michigan’s central campus, the Law School is unmatched for beauty and is superbly functional for its residential and scholarly community. The School has a sizable and diverse faculty, with many preeminent in their fields. The careers of alumni also speak eloquently to the strength of the School; our graduates are leaders serving with distinction in the public, private, and academic sectors in this nation and beyond.

Provenance: A Great Law School in a Great University

The University of Michigan Law School began one of the original LL.M. programs in the US, graduating its first class in 1890. International engagement and innovation have been a hallmark of the institution ever since. The American Journal of International Law and the European Journal of Comparative Law got their start in Ann Arbor and the Law School became the first in the country to require a transnational law course for JD graduation.

Michigan Law professors have made their mark, impacting the development of law around the globe: Eric Stein founded the field of European Union law, John Jackson was an architect of the World Trade Organization, William Bishop wrote the most popular casebook on International Law, James Hathaway has played a pivotal role in the evolution of refugee studies, Catharine MacKinnon has led the development of women's rights, and Reuven Avi-Yonah has been one of the most prolific international tax scholars. Today's professors, 14 of whom served as US Supreme Court Clerks, are fluent in more than a dozen languages and carry on Michigan Law's tradition of excellence on the global stage.

Ann Arbor: Much More Than a "College Town"

Located in southeastern Michigan, Ann Arbor is a city of about 114,000 residents, one-third of whom are university students. The University of Michigan, which draws individuals from all over the world, is at the heart of this cosmopolitan town. As one of the most educated cities in the US, Ann Arbor is home to world-class research facilities, high-tech and life science start-ups, and corporate headquarters that range from Google to Toyota, Car and Driver Magazine to Domino's Pizza, and ProQuest to Llamasoft. The resulting range of perspectives contributes to the city's reputation as an educational, cultural, social, and athletic center.

Ann Arbor is a city of contrasts. It features retail boutiques and a major shopping mall; national chains alongside local art galleries; historic homes along brick-paved boulevards as well as cutting-edge architecture; a vibrant downtown and beautiful tree-lined streets. (The Campus Information Centers website provides exhaustive listings of what the city has to offer.)

There are over 140 parks within city limits, bike paths along most major streets, and a variety of recreational facilities. Numerous national and international figures come to Ann Arbor for lectures, presentations, shows, dance performances, and concerts—the city, in fact, has earned a national reputation for excellence in the performing arts—so students can see Broadway touring companies or avant-garde drama, attend University Musical Society performances featuring world-renowned symphony orchestras, ensembles, and choral societies, and frequent local clubs and concert halls featuring jazz, hip-hop, techno, classical, indie, alternative, folk, zydeco, and other genres.

Two independent movie theaters are within easy walking distance of the Law Quad and they, along with nearby multiplexes, offer art films, national film festival winners, cult cinema and classics, not to mention first-run traditional movie theater fare. Culinary needs are easily satisfied by an array of cafés, bistros, restaurants, and pubs on the one hand, and on the other, outstanding artisanal, ethnic, regional, and gourmet food, wine, and microbrew selections at farmer’s markets, specialty stores, and multiple national groceries. And few areas of the country can rival the range of college and professional sports events available for spectators. Such richness of arts, culture, and entertainment offerings is hardly typical of a small city, but it is an integral part of what makes Ann Arbor vital and attractive.

Unlike many other universities, the University of Michigan is completely absorbed into the city. The heart of downtown is within a few blocks of the Law Quadrangle. University housing is readily accessible, either in the Lawyers Club (part of the Law Quadrangle) or in other graduate dormitories and apartment complexes for individuals or families. Private housing is available in apartments, cooperatives, condos, and houses near campus. Detroit Metropolitan Airport, a major hub, is 30 minutes away by car. Detroit is less than 50 miles to the east, while Chicago and Toronto are just a few hours away. Train and bus stations are conveniently located in downtown Ann Arbor.



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