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With Western Iowa Tech's online classes, students can choose from hundreds of course offerings. You can earn college credits or even some entire degrees in some cases. All you need is a computer and internet access... just login and follow the instructions. Tech support is available 24/7. Students can ask the instructor questions, take tests, access grades and take part in threaded discussions... all online, anywhere.

How Do I Know If Online Learning Is For Me?

Online courses are a convenient way to pursue your educational goals; however, they are NOT self-paced and have regular deadlines for homework and tests, just as you would in the classroom. You have flexibility in working your homework and "class time" into your busy schedule, but assignments, papers, quizzes, exams and such will need to be done on the class's schedule so no one falls behind. If you aren't sure whether online learning is for you, try taking an orientation course.

You will potentially have fellow students from all over the world, and they will often have different perspectives on things. Learning is enhanced in such creative environments.

Pay close attention to the type of class you sign up for because there are several varieties.

Fully-online 16-week courses run the course of the entire semester and are a little more relaxed than an eight-week course.

Fully-online 8-week courses compact the entire 16 weeks of material and learning into eight weeks. As you can imagine, this is faster paced and requires more discipline than a 16-week course. The benefit is getting it done quicker so you can take two eight-week classes per semester.

Fully-online 12-week courses can be taken in the fall and spring semesters and are a nice compromise between 16 and 8 weeks.

Hybrid courses combine online with classroom experience to make the class a little more flexible, but still give the classroom time some courses may require to be most effective.

These images showcase technical and artistic pipeline skills such as modeling, texturing, lighting, compositional rendering, and game-ready functionality. Video game companies expect you to show them what you can do and this program is designed to build the skills necessary to do so.




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