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King Edward VI College

United Kingdom Stourbridge August 2018

There is a certain uniqueness about King Edward VI College – a quality that attracts inquisitive and committed students, one that entices staff to stay rather than to move on, one that invites us all, students and staff, to listen, collaborate and learn from each other. As a prospective student, you will want to know what this quality is. You will want to measure this against your aspirations and your expectations for the type of post-16 education that will best serve you o… [+] n this next step in your education and development. You will gain a glimpse of this certain, unique quality as you peruse the prospectus. To get you started, let me try to briefly encapsulate what makes this college so special: Great students Of course, there is no ‘typical’ King Ed’s student and that is precisely why our students are so remarkable. Our students are diverse in every sense of the word: ethnically, ideologically and personally. We celebrate this diversity, knowing it contributes to a vibrant community in which every individual is valued. Yes, there is common ground – students come to this college with a thirst for learning and a desire to achieve, whether in the classroom, in artistic performance, in competitive sport or in college debates. Our students develop academically, creatively and personally and they respect and appreciate each other’s achievements as well as take pride in their own. Great students are part of what makes this college so distinctive. Great staff As Principal, I take tremendous pride in the hard work, commitment and diligence of the staff at King Ed’s. It is a privilege to work with such exceptional colleagues. How can I best describe our teachers? Passionate about their subjects, inspiring in the classroom and willing to help and support students every step of the way, our teachers are incomparable. Our team of dedicated support staff make the job of our teachers possible; friendly, accommodating and equally hard working, our staff across all support functions ensure the college runs smoothly and that students are supported in every way possible. Great staff are essential to excellence. Great college Two new state-of-the art buildings contribute to our ever improving physical site. However, it’s not the buildings that make a college great. It’s the people. Education should be transformative and at King Ed’s, it is. It’s both the students and the staff who create such a vibrant, transforming learning community. It’s the people at King Ed’s who are behind the success story which places us as one of the top ten sixth form colleges nationally. It’s really the people that make this college great. Ethos and Values At the heart of all of our plans for the future is a single overriding priority: the welfare and continuing success of our students. This is what lies at the heart of our college mission and values. Our Mission To challenge each student to achieve personal and academic excellence leading to enhanced life and career opportunities. Equality and diversity The college is committed to creating and promoting an inclusive learning community in which diversity is celebrated, where inequality and stereotypes are challenged and where all people are treated with dignity and respect. This isn't just an empty statement - advancing equality of opportunity is at the core of the college mission statement and its ethos permeates the college values. [-]